Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Yoshua Bengio on human level AI

Key take-aways, in case you don't have time to watch it.

We are still very far from human-level AI.

Everyone should be aware of that before jumping into crazy scared horror scenario conversations about machines taking over the world and killing the human race.

There is too much hype about AI these days. Especially in public discussion / public media.

I want to add: which is based on a non-existing understanding within the general public on how the current "AI" methods work and what they are able to (not) do. I even think that "Artificial Intelligence" is a very misleading name for the currently available methods. And big, historically trusted players like IBM marketing their efforts as "cognitive computing" is in my opinion even worse. It's misleading and almost deceiving. After listening to talks (read: sales pitches) about IBM's Watson, I got asked by executives if I think their AI could help them to solve *insert really tough business problem here*, because it seems to be so much smarter and efficient than real people).

Deep networks can avoid the curse of dimensionality for compositional functions.

Which also means, they can only learn to do tasks that could be expressed as such. Which again means that tasks that cannot be decomposed cannot be learned. Is creativity such a task?

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